Wsus client not updating Instant dirty adult chat

The Synchronization Schedule for WSUS server has been kept at hrs.

Hi chaps, For some reason, which I cannot understand, I have around half my PC's are contacting the WSUS server but not reporting.

Microsoft has announced a fix today for its flawed update, known as "KB3148812".

This update was aimed at organizations using its Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) management product.

WSUS is typically used by large organizations with careful patch management requirements.

Microsoft's KB3148812 patch for WSUS was supposed enable automatic decryption of Windows 10 feature updates in preparation for Microsoft's "anniversary update," coming this summer.

It likes to get stuck downloading updates and never go anywhere.

Essentially, KB3159706 does the same thing as KB3148812 was supposed to do.

It prepares the way for WSUS to automatically decrypt Windows 10 feature updates.

This can be done with the following batch script: For /f %%i in (c:\computers.txt) do (Echo ************************Echo %%i Echo ************************psexec \%%i -h -u domain\username -p password "\domain\netlogon\resetsoftwaredistribution.bat")pause You will need to get a list of all computers from WSUS that are not reporting.

As you can not export lists from WSUS Management Console, you will need to install SQL Management Studio and connect to the Windows Internal Database (WID) hosting WSUS - or an external database in the event your not using WID!


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