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On this page we will talk about Bill Compton’s relationships of both a romantic and maker nature.Bill had several relationships, but none were more important to him than Sookie and Jessica.In fact, this otherwise solid and nostalgia-filled trip back to Fangtasia and beyond will certainly be eclipsed by the cold open that everyone is already talking about.So, let’s get this out of the way right now: fan fiction.He lived too long himself, and as he became more human by the end — literally, as Sookie was able to read his thoughts as she would a human — he realized how much he wanted to die.Fortunately Sookie stayed true to her own identity as well, remaining a fairy because that is who she is.A melodrama set in present-day Louisiana, True Blood contains a lot of elements that traditionally attract a fandom: a large cast (several already known to fans), epic love stories, supernatural beings such as vampires and shapeshifters, queer characters, and comedy.

It turns out that “True Blood’s” story of Sookie Stackhouse didn’t end with her being in a relationship with Vampire Bill after all.

Yes, Jessica Hamby is now Jessica Fortenberry, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. Sookie hugs a man, whispers “I love you,” and they sit to eat. In the end, Sookie is happy and married and having her dream life, and that’s all that showrunner Brian Buckner thinks matters, apparently.

All was happy for Pam and Eric as well, as they became the incredibly wealthy founders of New Blood after killing Mr. With the years flashing forward, the final 10 minutes of “True Blood” show Jason and Hoyt’s ex Brigette with a brood of children, Sookie with a bun in the oven — more on that shortly — and Eric and Pam back running Fangtasia like they belong. The audience never knows who her soulmate — aka Not Bill — is. While the finale’s other resolutions make sense to bringing emotional conclusions to the show’s many storylines, after seven seasons, the audience deserved to at least see the face of the man who could make Sookie happy.

However, in 2008 fans started added their fanworks to Archive of Our Own and the fandom eventually started appearing on Tumblr.

True Blood RPF appears in the fandom, although to a lesser extent than the overall fandom.


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