Pitbull dating

loves Halloween -- so it makes sense that she got engaged on her favorite holiday. " PICTURES: Mariah Harmony & Florencia Carcagno Mariah, who came out three years ago, says she doesn't want to be labeled as gay or bisexual.

PICTURES: Mariah Harmony's Surprise Engagement Rumor Fix has learned exclusively the 21-year-old was surprised with the proposal in the French Quarter, while she and her girlfriend, Florencia Carcagno, were dressed as skeletal versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. My mom [Tia Torres] and her planned the whole thing," Mariah tells Rumor Fix exclusively. She says she's not going to rush into getting married, but there are a few things she knows for sure -- she wants her wedding on Halloween (her mom is a Wicken and she holds some of the same beliefs), she wants to wear a black dress and she will have men and women standing by her.

You love her, you really do, but sometimes you'd like some . With about 50% of marriages ending in divorce, many reporting infidelity as the reason, some couples are challenging the boundaries of traditional relationships in order to keep the spark.

You're not the only one playing video games well into the night to get that chick at the office out of your head.

It's a gold ring with a red ruby on it -- it's beautiful!

The mother of an accused killer called 'Pitbull' claims her son attracts trouble because of his facial tattoos.

Armed police shot dead two "dangerously out of control" pitbull-type dogs after they bit members of the public in the streets of Bolton. It's tough to suppress that natural "hunter" instinct. Or maybe you'd like to see or hear how someone else responds to your moves.The events of last Thursday, where a five year old boy lost his life, a nine year old was hospitalised is a tragedy in every sense of the word.Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family, as well as the first responders who attended the scene.At Albanian we are committed to providing you a safe and friendly environment where you can comfortably meet that special someone.


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