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You can really understand what made him so successful as a quarterback.

Wearing a white tee over his head and gloves, Baker and an accomplice attacked a Mc Donald’s near his home on Indiantown Road and forced the manager to open a safe.

For instance, Namath was a great baseball player and said he wanted to turn pro and “take the money and run,” but his family wanted him to go to college instead.

He says he didn’t consider Notre Dame for college because they didn’t have any girls on campus. He says he was with women the night before the AFL championship game and the Super Bowl, and that he usually was with women the night before games.

See you tomorrow.” While rookie quarterback Sanchez has had his moments — a fashion shoot with a supermodel, chomping on a hot dog on the sidelines during a game — he has a long way to go to match Joe’s magic.

“Forty years later, they haven’t come up with a folklore as compelling as Joe’s,” said Mark Kriegel, whose critically acclaimed bio, “Namath,” was a best-seller. The Jets and NBC needed a leading man, a star who could do for Sunday afternoons what other stars had done in prime time.


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