Datingsimulator7 1

There should not be any new bugs, as I have not made any new changes to the code, but if you find any, or if you know of old bugs, feel free to leave them in the comments.

datingsimulator7 1-86datingsimulator7 1-64

Biasanya sebelum aku tidur, pasti aku menyusun bantal-bantalku di birai katil menyandari palang katil yang menghalang aku dari terjatuh ke lantai ketika tidur.All the stuff I wanted to do for version 7 is finally complete.So I am officially releasing version 7 of Ariane’s Dating Sim. If you already have the 7beta version download, all the changes since then can be downloaded as a small patch here.It is essentially a setup comic – giving enough backstory to have the story make sense but also not wasting much time there. This flash dating sim is like no other :) Wow, Frontpage and 100k views? Over the course of ten days, the Bomee lost her right forefinger from making this game, using only a mouse for all the graphics. This is my first game and I hope it won't be the last, so please be gentle!- - - - - - Interconnected drabbles of life in Site-96 (Humanoid Containment) and its staff/anomalies.


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