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Occurring once a month, each evening is dedicated specifically to one decade of American musical theater, and features some of the most talented stars currently working in American musical theater.

I’m on a flight back from Medellin Colombia right now as I type this…

Generally, girls are not reared with these priorities.

The truth: True strength has very little to do with the physical.

As children, boys experience a wide range of emotions, yet somewhere along the line, they learn that men suppress emotions and remain calm, cool and collected at all times…even in the midst of crisis.

The transmission of this model is often through their fathers.

Now, the multifaceted talent prepares to make her Feinstein's/54 Below debut on February 23, with a show she's co-created called HERO WORSHIP.

It speaks, then, to her performative nature as an equal parts entertainer-singer, that the show actually lasted for a full 90 minutes.

This may well be responsible for the problems that many women are experiencing in finding a suitable partner today.

At the 32nd Bistro Awards on March 13, produced by Sherry Eaker, attendees hunkered down at Gotham Comedy Club in the hours before a blizzard hit Manhattan to honor the best in the year's cabaret, comedy and jazz performances.

Of course, the prospect of a little snow wouldn't deter honorees from coming out, though it did slightly impact the order of the evening's events, shifting the 'grand finale' to the 'grand opening.'If Nikka Graff Lanzarone was going to make sure of one thing through her Feinstein's/54 Below debut show HERO WORSHIP on February 23, it was that her audience would leave knowing how to properly say her name.

Partially because of these differences, boys grow up learning a distorted view of masculinity.

Men are typically known by how big and tough they are. Value is placed on a man’s ability to win, to be brave, bigger, and stronger.


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