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I want to share the places my wife and I have found while dating in Raleigh.Please take this a “work-in-progress” list, and comment with your own favorites below.The North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh continues to grow and provide new treasures your family can discover together.

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If you don’t qualify for the credit, you may be able to claim the “tuition & fees deduction” for qualified educational expenses.After lunch, explore the museum’s permanent collection.Expert tip: Pick up a copy of the Making Faces activity guide, a free resource for kids that introduces museum characters and encourages budding artists to draw their own portraits.However, for an employer to be able to count tips as wages and take a tip credit towards the minimum wage, the state labor law requires that tipped employees be notified in advance and be permitted to retain all tips, and requires that the employer maintains accurate and complete records of tips received by each employee and such tips must be certified by tipped employees monthly or for each pay period. This will result in a three-step change to the cash wage required for tipped employees.Tip pooling is permitted as long as the tipped employees retain at least 85 percent of the tips they receive, which means the employer must maintain accurate and complete records of the tips received and the amount of tips earned under the tip pooling arrangement. Thus, effective July 24, 2008, when the minimum wage increased to .55 per hour, an employer may pay as little as .13 an hour to tipped employees, which remained the same when the minimum wage increased to .25 per hour on July 24, 2009, as long as each employee receives enough in tips to make up the difference between the wages paid and the minimum wage.You cannot claim this deduction if your filing status is married filing separately or if another person can claim an exemption for you as a dependent on his or her tax return. You may be able to deduct interest you pay on a qualified student loan.


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