British dating nyc

' 27 Big Apple Brits Come out for our regular monthly event for Happy Hour: come mingle, chat and drink.

This is an informal bar meetup with some great people to meet.

As a transplant from London to New York City, there were the obvious differences, like the direction of traffic, the lack of red double-decker buses, and nary a Tesco or Boots in sight.

We girls do need to know what we want, and realize that when we’re not getting it, it’s time to move on. Here is what I find about dating in London (though maybe all of the UK is like this too, I hope not).

Here is what I learned in my years as a single girl in London: They don’t get dating in England.

I write from experience, as I personally have fallen victim to the mistakes of many American men in the past, and the horrors have haunted me ever since.

For example, I once met an American who, in the throes of passion, demanded that I speak to him like an old British schoolmaster.


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