Asserting myself while dating

Learning to say no doesn’t only teach you how to stand up for yourself, but it also teaches you to adopt a higher moral standing against adversity.

Saying no is important in two scenarios: (1) if you don’t like or approve of something, or (2) if it is wrong and you are forced to do it.

wrapped up last week, fans were delighted to find out that the mother of Ted's children was his soul mate. Because she was just like Ted: they shared the same dorky interests, a similar sense of humor and a taste in yellow umbrellas. And many complained when (spoiler alert) in the final minutes of the episode, Ted decides to court Robin, a character who in many ways is Ted's opposite.

In the search for a partner, we struggle to determine who's our best match. —the guy who's calm when you're emotional; the girl who's organized when you're messy?

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” Why, indeed, if you’ve managed to survive this long with letting others walk over you? If you are one who is known to have a firm stand on something, people will recognize you as someone to respect.Always adopting the Gandhi stance on situations won’t help you live a normal life and won’t help those people change their behavior.The only way is to plant your feet on the ground and start standing up for yourself. Standing up for yourself can be quite a challenge if you’re used to letting others get their way at your expense.They will learn that you are not one who can be easily swayed by mere intimidation or peer pressure, and so they will likely consider your point of view. Once you stand up against adversity, it gives you a different perspective about yourself and your personality.This also develops leadership qualities, public speaking, and improves decision making skills. Asking a bully to stop, disagreeing to a pushy boss, and asserting what you want, is merely tipping the scales into your favor as it should have been in the first place. While men are considered good, strong leaders when they assert themselves, women are labelled with negative words.


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