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She decided to make it her mission to help Fanny and her floors.And she succeeded…well, thanks to Fanny, and they got Joffrey back!I heard they’re going to be performing this opening number at the All Star game this weekend.'s Vegas Week really cut down the numbers - but there's still more to do!

Boo’s mother was concerned about Boo’s feelings: she didn’t get the audition last year and was very upset by that. Her mom actually bought her a “Better Luck Next Year! All did not seem to be going as planned for Fanny when she received an urgent fax notifying her that the audition would not be held in her studio (the floor wasn’t quite right).Fanny was highly upset; after all, she had worked with the summer program for 12 years.And the audition was moved to another part of California. Meanwhile, Michelle was having her own audition nightmares."I pray that I did enough." When she meets the judges, Tyce acknowledges that he gave her a hard time, but says it was only because he knows there's room for her to grow and develop. Will Thomas: We don't see much of "LA audition standout" Will Thomas learning the news, except to hear that he's through! Megan Branch and Colin Fuller: Megan impressed in her Los Angeles audition and in Vegas, but Lil' C has some bad news - she's not going any further."I think you showed some great fight in Vegas," he says. George Lawrence II: Debbie points out that though George made an impression in Atlanta, the playing field "became more level" in Vegas. There's also disappointment for Colin, though the judges urge him to try again.Mahtomedi rolled past Hill-Murray 83-59 on Wednesday in Section 4AAA with Shane Frost tossing in 32 points. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the White Bear Sailing School, local resident Jay Rendall compiled a brief history of the school, a non-profit educational organization he calls “one of the area’s best kept secrets.” For over 20 years, Tim Coy and seven golf buddies have journeyed annually to Legend of Giants Ridge in Biwabik to play 36 holes for four straight days.


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